Do You Know Which of Your Site’s Pages are Indexed in Google?

Google Index Checker

Do you know which of your website’s pages are indexed in Google and which are not?Sitemap Checker Software

Your first step in doing proper SEO is finding out which pages are not getting indexed by Google spiders, so that you may either further optimize a problematic page or simply delete it and start a new page with similar keywords, to get it indexed.

There are pages that you want indexed but there are also pages that you may not want to be indexed in Google, like your “Thank You for signing up” pages, or your Disclaimer and Privacy Policy pages. Sitemap Checker will tell you which of those pages are indexed so you can add the NoIndex/NoFollow tag(s) to them, if needed. Sitemap Checker can also be used to gather intelligence about your competitors!

Hi my name is Vlad, I’ve been an Internet Marketer since 2003. I made this tool for my personal use and it helps me a lot in uncovering problems with my sites, so I thought why not share it with others!

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This Sitemap Checker software could be worth a trillion dollars, but you can get it today for only $10.00! I’m sure it will be as useful to you, as it is to me. This program is indispensable for SEO.



30 Day money back guarantee, no questions asked!

Works with Windows 7, XP, Vista.
For Win XP or Vista users, you need Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 installed (a free download).

Work from Home as a Mystery Shopper

Supplement your income by working from home as a Mystery Shopper! Mystery shopping is a huge industry because it’s hard for big corporations to evaluate the quality of their services without bias. In order to get a proper picture of what needs to be improved, companies hire part-time mystery shoppers who do quality evaluations for their businesses and stores.

Mystery shopping is a fun work-from-home job for mothers, stay at home parents, student or even retirees. It allows for a flexible schedule because you can do mystery shops when you have spare time and sometimes you can even get free products as part of your evaluations from the business you are working with. Companies hire mystery shoppers locally so as to minimize travel costs. This is good for both the business hiring the mystery shopper and the mystery shopper himself because you don’t have to go further than your city or town to perform a store or business evaluation.

The best Mystery Shopping company is BestMark. They have client companies who need shoppers to evaluate their services across the United States and Canada. By applying to become a mystery shopper with BestMark you’ll be able to shop at your favorite stores, eat at your favorite restaurants and get paid for doing it! There’s a simple evaluation form to fill out after your shopping that will help business owners improve the quality of their products and services.

Some of the top brands use BestMark to evaluate their services: Best Buy, Cocal Cola, Visa, Disney, Target, Harrah’s, Toyota, Supervalu, Campbell’s, Macey’s, Hyatt, Midas, Cargill, ESPN, Crowne Plaza, Ace Hardware, St Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, Caesar’s, Seattle’s Best Coffee, Pacific Sales, chart House, Landry’s, Anchor Bank, Starbucks, Applebee’s to name a few.

Apply to become a Mystery Shopper with BestMark, it’s quick and easy, and you’ll get paid for doing what you do already: shop!


Why WordPress is the best website platform for your business

We at marketaim are proud to build websites on the WordPress CMS (content management system) platform. During the last decade, WordPress has risen to be among the most stable, secure and friendly website platforms for both small and large business. It is this scalability and flexibility that makes WordPress so useful.

Cost Effective

WP is the most cost effective way to start a website with professional designed skins or themes at under $100.


Plugins make WP a very versatile platform allowing to introduce code into your site that will handle product catalogs, email subscriptions, show the weather or your latest tweets!


WP continuous updates fix the latest bugs and security holes. You can be sure that WP will be around for as long the internet will.

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